With growing demands of today's fast world, life for a woman is definitely challenging, especially for a working woman. Apart from playing different roles in the house, she also has to excel in her career. Finding the time and energy to fulfil these roles and cope with her own needs can be difficult and can eventually take its toll on the health of the woman.

Women are affected by many of the same conditions and diseases as men, but they also suffer from some unique health issues that only affect women. Also some of the health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. Besides some diseases affect them differently and at different times. For example:

  • Women are more likely to die following a heart attack than men
  • Women are more likely to show signs of depression and anxiety than men
  • The effects of sexually transmitted diseases can be more serious in women
  • Osteoarthritis affects more women than men
  • Women are more likely to have urinary tract problems, etc.

Women’s health involves a variety of gender-specific issues. They go through dramatic mental and physical changes from puberty to menopause, making them susceptible to various health concerns for varying age groups. The reproductive cycle greatly affects many stages of a woman’s life. Levels of female hormones directly affect many of the physical changes that women experience during adolescence, adulthood including pregnancy and old age.

Fortunately, most of the diseases that affect women are treatable if detected early, and women can live long and happy lives by taking charge of their health by eating a proper diet, seeking proper screenings and maintaining a perfect lifestyle, the healthy way. The article discusses common health issues of women divided into 3 main stages of a women's life as well as it discusses the healthy ways through which women can enhance their general health and live a better life. Homeopathy sure offers endless possibilities for women’s health and is beneficial for the full range of emotional, mental and physical problems that a woman is likely to experience throughout her life.

The common ailments of women divided into 3 main stages of a woman's life along with the frequently used remedies for them are discussed as under:

1. Adolescence:

Mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders (anorexia nervosa & bulimia nervosa), etc. supervene in young girls besides nutritional deficiencies, Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and menstrual irregularities. Frequently used homeopathic remedies for ailments of this stage are Pulsatilla, Cocculus, Colocynth, Cyclamen, Ignatia, Nux moschata, etc. 

2. Adulthood (including pregnancy):

In adulthood, sexual health issues like fertility, avoiding STDs, complications of the pregnancy, practicing safe birth control measures, etc. Frequently used homeopathic remedies for ailments of this stage are Apis, Caulophyllum, Actea racemosa, Agnus Castus, Colchicum, Helonias, Ipecac, Kali carb, Lilium tig, Platina, Sepia, etc. 

3. Old Age:

After menopause, some women experience health conditions caused by changes in hormone levels. Cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis, mood swings, insomnias, cancers of various types (cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer), autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), urinary tract infections (UTI), etc. are commonly occurring diseases. Frequently used homeopathic remedies for ailments of this stage are Gelsemium, Graphitis, Ignatia, Kreosote, Lachesis, Passiflora, Secale, Stannum met, Sepia, etc. 

Homeopathy has definitely an important role to play in enhancing women's health in general and helping them to overcome their health issues in a healthier way of course. Judicial use of homeopathy along with a healthy lifestyle will help to support a woman's health, both physically and mentally.

There are so many situations for which conventional medicine does not have a satisfactory answer. Besides in case of pregnant women, there are conventional medications which should be totally avoided in pregnant women because of the damage they cause to the growing foetus. Here one can assure the woman that homeopathic remedies are completely harmless to the unborn child and thus can be safely used to alleviate many of the health problems during pregnancy.

However, self-medication is never to be encouraged. Timely visit to your nearest homeopath can prevent unnecessary hospital visits and further health problems. For online consultation or any queries related to illnesses of women or other health issues, consult our experts and book an appointment with us. 

DisclaimerThe author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.