Case Presentation: A lady aged 46 years visited the clinic with a palpable lump in front of the neck on 03-02-2023. It was generally a painless swelling with a slight discomfort felt during swallowing anything. She is married with two children and had returned from Russia last year. After coming back, she started noticing the lump. On advice she had her thyroid profile done which showed normal thyroid levels. She had h/o high fever followed by cough for 15 days last month. She complained of a plug like sensation in throat with slight hoarseness and a need of constantly clearing the throat. Since last few days she had sort of panic attacks at night, where she woke up suddenly at night feeling suffocated and slightly perspiring. After which, she feared of falling sleep again. She had a good appetite with extreme thirst and dry mouth. She had desire for cold drinks and complete aversion to sweets.

Physical Generals:

  • Thirst +++ with dry tongue

  • Hunger++

  • Aversion to sweets

  • Desire for cold drinks

  • < waking on

Mental Generals:

  • Anxiety

  • Fear of war?

Rubrics selected from Murphy’s Repertory:

  1. GLANDS, Thyroid, goitre

  2. GLANDS, Thyroid, goitre, painful, swallowing, on

  3. GLANDS, Thyroid, goitre, pressure, agg, touch and pressure, agg

  4. GLANDS, Thyroid, goitre, swollen, with suffocating spells at night

  5. SLEEP, Waking, fright, as from

  6. MIND, Anxiety, waking, on

  7. FOOD, Sweets, aversion, to

  8. FOOD, Cold, drinks, desires

  9. TONGUE, Dryness, of

After taking a detailed case history and repertorization, Spongia tosta was selected. She was given a dose of Thyroidinum and on the fourth day a single dose of Spongia was given. To my surprize the lump got completely reduced to normal within a week. Follow-up of the case is being done. The before and after pics of the patient are as under.

Some of the important remedies for goitre are Ars-iod, Baryta-c, Baryta-iod, Calc, Calc-iod, Iod, Nat-mur, Spongia, Kali-iod, Lach, Lyco, Phos, Thyroidinum, etc. Remember, it's important to consult with a professional homeopath who can consider your complete case history, individual symptoms, and other factors before recommending a suitable remedy. They will be able to provide you with personalized guidance and determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific condition. Therefore self medication is never recommended. It's always advisable to consult with a professional homeopath to receive personalized treatment recommendations based on your individual symptoms and overall health. Timely visit to your nearest homeopath can prevent unnecessary hospital visits and further health problems. For online consultation or any related queries consult our expert homeopathic doctors and book an appointment with us.

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